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Building Back the Economy

As a small business owner herself, Congresswoman Newman knows that Illinois’ small businesses and local entrepreneurs are the beating heart of our communities and the engine to our neighborhood economies. From mom-and-pop retailers to family-owned stores, our local businesses are hurting from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As millions of workers continue to lose their jobs, health insurance and financial stability, it’s time for the same big ideas and bold action that once lifted this nation out of the Great Depression nearly a century ago.

Congresswoman Newman supports passing a Green Stimulus package that will not only put Americans back to work but create a greener economy through investments in transportation and infrastructure. By investing in infrastructure projects and green technologies that will build more efficient roads and railways, we can lift up local labor, create new good-paying jobs and build a dedicated pipeline to a greener economy. Furthermore, she understands the critical importance of investing in the American people themselves, and that means ensuring families have federal relief and support they need to boost neighborhood revenue and spur up our local economies.

At the same time, Congresswoman Newman has dedicated these efforts to also addressing the glaring inequalities in this nation’s economy. Since her first day in office, she has been clear that it’s long overdue for this country to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and implement paid leave to ensure workers have a pathway to greater financial stability and certainty. She knows that it’s also time to hold large corporations accountable by implementing a progressive tax on ultra-millionaires and transaction tax on Wall Street trades and financial transactions.

Raised by a union family, Congresswoman Newman knows that the dignity of work is an aspect of life that every American family values but that for far too long our working families and the middle class have gotten the short straw. That’s why she’s committed to pursuing these reforms and investments so we can create more good-paying jobs, truly lift up our local neighborhoods and build back a stronger, more equitable economy.