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Empowering Labor Unions

Raised by a union family, Congresswoman Newman knows firsthand how labor’s fair wages, strong protections and high-quality health care can lift up a family to the middle class. However, over the past several decades, the nation’s stagnated wages, attacks on workers' rights and rising income inequality have decimated local union membership and the rest of Illinois’ middle class. Every American family in this country deeply values the dignity of hard work and having a stable, good-paying job and historically, our unions have been the strongest road to such a life.

Congresswoman Newman has been clear that to build back our economy, we need to ensure labor is strong once again and residents have a pathway to good-paying union jobs. By working with local high schools, community colleges and universities to implement trades and apprenticeship programs, she will further ensure students have a pathway to union employment in a consistent industry after graduation.

Through the expansion of workforce training sites in Illinois 3rd Congressional District and a stronger education on the importance of labor, Congresswoman Newman is working tirelessly to ensure unions continue to play a critical role in our effort to build back a greener economy.