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Ensuring Racial Equity

This past summer, millions of Americans from across the nation took to the streets to protest the heinous murder of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, whose lives represent the most recent injustices in the nation’s long history of police brutality against Black Americans. While the vast majority of police officers in this country are honorable and committed men and women who work to keep us safe, there is no denying that without proper training, transparency and accountability structures in our police departments, legitimacy and trust between officers and the residents they serve will be tarnished.

We are long overdue to not only say that Black Lives Matter, but enact policy that affirms they do. That’s why Congresswoman Newman supports Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley’s Resolution to Condemn Police Brutality by condemning excessive use of force and racial profiling, establishing community oversight of police and calling on the Department of Justice to reinstate investigations of police misconduct. To build on these efforts to reform our criminal justice system, Congresswoman Newman is committed to passing legislation that will end cash bail, ban the death penalty, enforce laws against hate crimes, end private prisons and federally legalize cannabis while uplifting the economic life of Black and Brown communities that have borne the brunt of this nation’s War on Drugs.