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Providing High-quality, Affordable Health Care

As this nation continues to face the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis that has left millions of families without jobs, health insurance and financial stability, it has never been more evident that now is the time to ensure all Americans have access to health care, including birth control and abortion.

This global public health crisis has demonstrated clearly that the current healthcare system is incredibly impractical for a 21st Century economy. Recognizing that health care is a right, not a privilege, Congresswoman Newman is a champion of Medicare for All so that we can finally address the stark disparities and inequities in America’s health care system. Building a stronger and healthier America starts by implementing Medicare for All in a methodical, practical way over time while still ensuring it is cost effective and equitable. As your Congresswoman, she is fighting for a single payer, universal system of care that not only reduces costs for everyone but also increases the quality of care and provides Americans with the financial security, peace of mind and freedom from ever increasing co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.

Congresswoman Newman knows that Americans shouldn’t have to decide between their next meal and being able to afford life-saving medication, which is why she is working to reduce out-of-pocket drug costs significantly through negotiated pricing and trade with other countries. Furthermore, she is working to destigmatize mental health diagnoses, bolster treatment options and restore funding for mental health research.