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Strengthening Transportation and Infrastructure

Illinois’ 3rd District is home to Midway International Airport, thousands of acres of intermodal rail yard and warehousing and critical ground transportation and rail arteries that carry millions of pounds of freight and hundreds of thousands of commuters each day. As a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Congresswoman Newman has put strengthening local transportation at top of her legislative priority in the 117th Congress.

From incomplete infrastructure projects to eliminated bus routes and train delays, transportation deserts exist in far too many areas of Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District. To ensure issues pertaining to all modes of transportation in all neighborhoods are being addressed, Congresswoman Newman has committed to regularly convening meetings between transportation executives in Chicagoland and members of federal, state, county and local government – a first in the history of Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.

Congresswoman Newman has been a lifelong advocate for critical investments to modernize existing assets and plan for new, clean multimodal transportation systems whose construction will bring not only more efficient roads and railways but also much-needed economic development to the 3rd Congressional District. In addition to a surface transportation reauthorization bill, necessary to maintain funding for ongoing maintenance and future capital investments, she has been clear that it is absolutely essential that we pass a massive green infrastructure stimulus package to jumpstart our economy and create good-paying American jobs that will put people back to work.

By investing in green infrastructure projects, Congresswoman Newman recognizes that America can invest in energy-efficient transportation while building sustainable jobs and reducing our dependence on unsustainable means of production.