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The Patch: Congresswoman Marie Newman Attends Biden-Harris Inauguration

January 20, 2021

WASHINGTON D.C. — As the new congresswoman representing Illinois's 3rd Congressional District in Washington, D.C., Marie Newman has gone from sheltering in her office during an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and voting to impeach the last president to attending the historic inauguration of a new president and vice president.

Newman called President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris a democracy-affirming "monumental day," representing a new, bold vision for the nation, centered on bringing together Americans of all backgrounds, faiths and political beliefs together.

"While we face immense challenges ahead, the combined leadership, competency and expertise of this new administration has already proven to ensure we hit the ground running on day one," Newman said in a statement. "From reversing the cruel and harsh immigration policies of the previous administration to accelerating COVID-19 vaccine distribution to finally addressing the persistent climate crisis, this administration is exactly what the American people need right now to ensure this country comes back better than ever before. That means keeping our small businesses open and investing in American families through President Biden's comprehensive action plan to save the economy. Under this new leadership, we can now seize this moment of crisis to not only build a stronger, fairer economy, but also create millions of good-paying union jobs by investing and modernizing our transportation and infrastructure systems."

Newman also pledged to work with Democrat and GOP members of the House and Senate to pass a new stimulus package that would provide individual survival checks for working people and supports for small businesses.

"President Biden has been clear that for this nation to move forward, each of us has a shared responsibility and obligation to work with one another ― especially those who we may not agree with politically. That is why I remain committed to not only working with this new administration, but also with my Democrat and Republican colleagues in the House and Senate so that we can truly tackle the COVID-19 pandemic."

She posted a giddy video expressing her excitement of attending an inauguration. Newman acknowledged the history-making moment of the first woman, Black American and Asian American to be elected to the second-highest office in the United States on Facebook.

"Millions of Americans saw themselves on stage today. It's about damn time."