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Patch: Progressive Now Represents 3rd Congressional District

January 3, 2021

WASHINGTON — Illinois' suburban 3rd Congressional District seat is no longer the domain of the Lipinski family.

On Sunday, Marie Newman of La Grange took the oath of office to represent the 3rd District, which includes suburbs such as Oak Lawn, La Grange and Western Springs. In last March's Democratic primary, Newman ran to the left of Western Springs' Lipinski and prevailed.

"The 117th Congress has more women — and more women of color — than any time in American history," Newman said in a news release Sunday.

Newman plans to serve on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. She promised that "strengthening" local transportation would be at the top of her legislative agenda.

"From the Midway International Airport to the thousands of acres of intermodal rail yard that carry hundreds of thousands of commuters each and every day, Illinois' 3rd District is home to a world-class transportation system," Newman said in the release.

On Sunday, Newman joined nearly all Democratic House members in supporting Nancy Pelosi for another term as speaker.

Dan Lipinski joined Congress in 2005, replacing his father, Bill, who had served for 22 years. Dan Lipiniski was among the most conservative Democrats in Congress.

In a Facebook message Sunday, Lipinski thanked voters for giving him the opportunity to serve.

"America is not perfect, because humans can never be perfect," he said. "But we must pray and work every day that each of us and our nation better uphold the principle of equality, and that we better protect life and liberty every day for all, especially the most vulnerable. With God's grace, we will do that, and be that shining city on the hill. God bless you and God bless America."